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Reliable Magento Web Developer at Affordable Prices

Magento Shops is a marketplace for top Magento developers, Magento web developers, and Magento programmers, whom you can hire to beat the market competition with the new upgrade. We offer high end services at low prices to make your website more attractive and to reach a vast audience. Our dedicated Magento web developers are ready to bring your e-commerce vision to life. Consider your budget confinements and examine the cost-benefit ratio with our experts. By performing through extensive knowledge and a passion for crafting seamless online experiences, they'll ensure your website stands out.

Partner With Magento Experts!

We can assist you with the most common development, customizations, and/or troubleshooting in Magento 2 webshops. Since 2008, we've been working with Adobe software and have become one of the top specialists in the Netherlands, and even in Europe by now

Magento Marco

Whether you're looking for the best option, a certified Magento web developer or an expert Magento developer, our professional team will be more than happy to serve all your Magento needs as fast as you may think. We are here after years of experience and deep knowledge about Magento websites, and we offer Magento website design and development, which are customised solutions that precisely fit your business requirements. We give you Magento experts who are by your side throughout the cycle of integration, implementation, and performance of your Magento website. Being a top-notch Magento website development service provider, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled developers and programmers who skillfully and competently render the most outstanding results. Talk to us today, and let us help you gain Magento proficiency and lift your e-commerce enterprise to the new top.

Magento Webshops

Our organisation's web developers are there to provide the best services that can help your websites achieve success. Concentrating on unique web designs can boost your growth at affordable prices. Make us your go-to Magento website development company with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Allow us to use our Magento website design services to realise your vision. Our team of professionals can handle complex projects easily to attain client satisfaction.

What our customers are saying?


In 2 or 3 days, everything was resolved, including our login issues and the modules from the Marketplace that we had purchased. A true developer who knows their stuff.


I hired Marco to perform some updates and resolve issues on a Magento site that has been running for some time. Not only did Marco fix the problems, but he also took a thoughtful approach to understand our business, the site architecture, and the core issues we were facing, rather than just doing the minimum to complete the task. He even identified issues in the code that we weren't aware existed. Marco went above and beyond to ensure the site performed optimally. He kept me regularly updated, advised me on any issues that arose, and provided recommendations for the future to ensure success. I've used many Magento freelancers on Upwork, and I can honestly say that Marco is by far the best I've worked with. He's an expert in his field, knows what he's talking about, delivers high-quality work, and is incredibly friendly.

Peet Seelen

I had some bugs that needed to be fixed in Magento 2. The bugs were resolved quickly and efficiently. Marco's knowledge of Magento 2 is excellent.


The project was successfully completed on time. Responsible freelancer, pleasant to work with, and easy to talk with.

Bas van Loon

Marco will go above and beyond for you, and with great success. His experience is evident from the start.

Elise van Hees

Exceptional service, an outstanding freelancer to work with, will use again in the future. Extremely knowledgeable, quick, and very easy to work with! We'll use Marco again in the future. Honestly, what can I say, Marco is the best freelancer I've ever worked with here.

High-Performing and Cost-Effective Magento Website Development Solutions

Are you looking for a new Magento 2 webshop? We can develop one for you at attractive rates. The price of a new Magento webshop depends on your requirements. Is it based on a ready-made template? Or are we designing and developing it from scratch? It could also be a redesign of an existing webshop. We always provide clear upfront pricing for new developments, so you never face any surprises. For smaller developments, bug fixes, or optimizations, we generally work with fixed prices.

Who else is in our portfolio?

Ensure the developer puts in place all the best security approaches and embedded SSL certificates, updates Magento and extensions regularly, and conducts security audits to avert Magento vulnerabilities.

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